Financial Aid for Families

We are committed to making donor human milk available to all babies who need it, regardless of their family’s financial circumstances.


As with all nonprofit milk banks, we charge a processing fee for outpatient milk. These fees allow us to take all the steps necessary to ensure the milk is safe for all babies, from the most fragile ones in the NICU to those at home. We work extremely hard to keep these costs as low as possible, but we recognize that the fee may be a financial barrier for some families.

That’s where our Medical Relief Fund comes in. Through this fund, we are able to provide financial aid to families with a medical need for milk who otherwise could not afford it.


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Apply for Financial Aid

Families interested in receiving financial aid will be asked to fill out an application when they order milk. To get started, please complete the Infant Medical Screening Form. On the form, you will be able to request the financial aid application. Give us a call at 303-869-1888 if you have any questions.


Support the Medical Relief Fund

Our financial aid program is made possible by the generous contributions of people in our community. By making a donation, you can ensure other families have access to the donor human milk they need, regardless of their circumstances.