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Need extra milk? We can help!

Mothers’ Milk Bank offers and encourages the use of donor human milk for ALL infants who need it. Donor human milk is often described as a “bridge” until parental milk supply is at full volume, protecting babies from illness and infection. It is normal for some mothers to experience a delay in their milk coming in. Purchasing donor human milk from Mothers’ Milk bank is safe and supports your breastfeeding goals.

Donor human milk is essential for any baby with a weakened immune system or special dietary needs. Donor human milk is also used when a mother has undergone breast surgery, is ill, is taking certain types of medication, or has given birth to multiples and is in need of supplementation.

Mothers’ Milk Bank is committed to safety and quality. We follow the strict guidelines set forth by the Human Milk Banking Association of North America (HMBANA). All milk donors are screened by trained staff members, undergo blood testing and must have their health care providers confirm their medical histories. The milk is pasteurized in an ISO 7 clean room and goes through extensive testing before being dispensed. MMB provides donor human milk as a community service, charging only a processing fee to offset some of the costs associated with the donor screenings, milk processing and milk testing.

How to order milk

Please complete the steps below to place your order. If you have any questions about the process, call us at 303.869.1888.

  1. Complete an Infant Medical History Form. This form must be completed prior to picking up or shipping milk.
  2. (Optional) Outpatients are allowed a maximum of 40 ounces one-time without a prescription. Once you reach that 40-ounce maximum, a prescription must go on file in order to receive more milk. Prescriptions can stay on file for a year. Please put the prescription in the baby’s name, stating “donor human milk as needed.” Bring the prescription with you or fax it to our office at 303.839.7336.
  3. Call our office to place your order. Once you have the medical history form and the (optional) prescription, please call 303.869.1888 to place your order. Always call ahead as milk availability varies day by day.

Please note: Mothers’ Milk Bank charges a tissue-processing fee for the milk and cannot directly bill insurance companies for this fee. Please contact your insurance company directly to determine whether they will reimburse you for the cost. Mothers’ Milk Bank strives to always have milk ready to provide to infants in need, but please note that all orders are subject to availability, NICUs and hospitals get first priority.

Donor human milk is also available for pickup at our office from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday-Friday. Mothers’ Milk Bank is located at 5394 Marshall St. Arvada, CO 80002. Same-day delivery is available for the Denver metro area.

We can also ship milk overnight to every state but New York and Maryland.

Mothers’ Milk Bank provides donor human milk as a community service, charging only a processing fee. This fee helps to offset some of the costs associated with the donor screenings, milk processing, and milk testing.

Medical Relief Fund: If your baby has a medical need for milk and you cannot afford the tissue processing fee, you may qualify for our financial aid program. To learn more, please fill out the Infant Medical History Form and check the box to receive the financial aid application.

For information on handling the milk in your home, please click here. (En Español)

Donor human milk is not returnable after purchase. If you receive any damaged product, please report to Mothers’ Milk Bank within 48 hours of delivery.

Welcome Home Baby Kit

Congratulations on your new baby! Welcome them home and jumpstart your lactation journey with a Welcome Home Baby Kit. The kit contains 20 ounces of donor milk to act as a “bridge” until your own milk comes in. We offer discounted shipping rates for these kits, including same-day shipping.

To order a Welcome Home Baby Kit, please fill out the Infant Medical History Form and call 303.869.1888 to order.

Share your milk story!

Did your baby receive pasteurized donor human milk (PDHM) in the NICU or as an outpatient? Have you had a positive experience donating milk to Mothers’ Milk Bank? Send us your story! We’d love to share.