Perpetual Grace Memorial Grove

Honoring Bereaved Donors

Mothers’ Milk Bank receives milk donations from more than 100 bereaved mothers every year.

These women, although they have lost their own child, chose to give a gift of life to other children.

The Perpetual Grace Memorial Grove is a collection of aspen trees representing strength, determination, and uniting as a community.  It displays gold aspen leaves engraved with the name and birth date of the baby who passed as a memorial and tribute to the selflessness of their mothers. Each mother also receives a matching leaf to keep in honor of her beloved baby.

We are so grateful to our milk donors, especially our bereaved donors, who give such a precious gift to babies in need during an incredibly difficult time. We thank them from the bottom of our hearts.

“Giving my milk to help babies born too soon was healing for me. It didn’t bring back my precious baby and it didn’t erase my pain but it helped me to have a purpose. I gave milk in honor of my beautiful girl who wouldn’t need it, so it was a gift from the two of us to those who would live because of it.” – Michelle, Bereaved Mother
Request an Aspen Leaf

Bereaved donors receive a complimentary, personalized aspen leaf in honor of your beloved baby. One leaf will be hung on our Perpetual Grace Memorial Grove and one will be yours to keep. To request a leaf in honor of your baby, please use the button below.


Support Bereaved Moms

Give a gift today to honor our remarkable bereaved donors. By supporting an aspen leaf for the Memorial Grove, you are helping us memorialize their sweet babies and the incredible gift they have given to other families.

A $50 donation covers the cost of one leaf set.